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Tell me all about the Event and how it works...

Here is a sample schedule (details may change):

1) If you sign up as an All Day Chaperone, expect to be with us ALL day....the mandatory chaperone meeting starts at 10:30 am and requires a valid Photo ID. The day will not end until approx. 9:00pm or after the children are returned to their school (where their parent/guardian will be waiting.) During the meeting, you will be assigned to a bus and driver (who will have an informational packet with school name, driving directions to school, specific time for departure and each child's information).

2) You will ride the bus to the elementary schools and pick up the children.

3) You will ride the bus to the Expo Center, where the children will have a short dinner, visit with Santa and enjoy Christmas carols. They will sit at an assigned table and will be dismissed by Christmas4Kids staff to return to the bus.

4) At that point, the buses will caravan to the Hendersonville Wal-Mart for shopping.

5) Once ALL of the buses are parked, a Christmas4Kids staff member will let you know when to exit the bus.

6) You will be expected to shop with one of the children from your bus. Please bring tools that might assist you in keeping up with the purchases, so your child does not exceed the allocated amount.

7) The other children on your bus will be paired up with Evening Chaperones, who will be waiting for them in front of Wal-mart. Each child must be with an adult associated with C4K, AT ALL TIMES. All adult staff members are visibly labeled with staff laminates or with C4K laminates.

8) When the children have finished shopping, been fitted with a coat and checked out their purchases at the appropriate register, you will escort them to the bus. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED INSIDE THE BUS.

9) Once all your children are back on the bus, you will travel back to the school and meet their parents/guardians.

10) If you sign up as an Evening Chaperone, you will attend a mandatory chaperone meeting at 4:30pm, then be assigned to shop with a child once they arrive at Wal-Mart. You will be responsible for the escorting the children back to the bus and staying with them until the Day Time Chaperone arrives. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED INSIDE THE BUS.

11) If you sign up as a Lebanon Chaperone, the above information is the same as All Day Chaperones, EXCEPT: you will attend a mandatory meeting at 1:30pm, at Four Seasons Bus Company in Lebanon and be assigned a bus. After the children are escorted back to the schools, the bus will take you back to Four Seasons to get your car.

What is the date/time of the Event?

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017....All Day Chaperones - 10:00am-10:00pm, Evening Chaperones - 4:30pm-10:00pm, Lebanon Chaperones 2:00pm-10:00pm

I signed up and chaperoned last year, do I need to sign up again this year?

Yes - chaperones must sign up each year.

How will you identify chaperones?

Chaperones will be wearing C4K Chaperone laminates.

What schools are involved in this program?

We work in conjunction with Guidance Counselors at Sumner County elementary schools along with four elementary schools from Wilson County.

What ages of children are participating in the event?

Ages 6 -10

How many children will I be responsible for?

There will generally be 4 - 6 children on each bus. If you are an All Day Chaperone you'll be on the bus with at least one other chaperone and a driver. Shopping with the children is done one-on-one.

How do I help the child shop?

Usually they know exactly what they want and where exactly it is in the store! But they will need you to encourage them to shop for age appropriate gifts for themselves and clothing that fits them properly. They can purchase SMALL gifts for family members. You will help them keep up with their spending amount and when they are getting close to their limit.

What sorts of things can the kids NOT purchase?

DVDs, videos, music, or video games that are not age appropriate; live animals; "dangerous" items like knives or weapons. If you are not sure whether something is appropriate, please contact a Christmas4Kids staff member for assistance.

Are the kids allowed to bring lists?

Children will often bring lists - this is appropriate as long as the items are for themselves. Children are to spend the majority of their money on gifts for themselves and may purchase small gifts for family members.

When the child wants to purchase something large like a bicycle, where do I put it?

You will be given specific procedures for bicycles during the chaperone meeting - volunteers will be available to load the bicycles onto the bus. If your child purchases a bike, please make sure it is in the bay of your bus before you leave Wal-mart.

What do I do if there is a medical emergency?

In case of any emergency locate your closest Walmart employees, C4K staff member or Sumner County Emergency Management Staff. There will always be someone close by when your at the Expo Center or in Walmart. If your are in the bus notify the driver and we can get help to your bus.

Can I bring my child with me while I chaperone, I have no childcare?

Chaperones CANNOT bring their own children. Only those over 18 years of age and SIGNED UP may participate as (or accompany) a chaperone.

What if I need to cancel the day of the event due to an emergency or illness?

Please email or call your Chaperone Coordinator ASAP. See our Contact page.

What if I move or change addresses?

If you have any changes to your email address or personal information please notify the Chaperone Coordinator in the "comments" area on the sign up form. If you’ve signed up already, please contact your Chaperone Coordinator ASAP. See our Contact page.

I know a driver, can I choose the bus I'm on?

If you have a request to be on a particular bus, it MUST be dealt with PRIOR to the day of the event. Please indicate this request in the “comments” section of the sign up form. Contact your Chaperone Coordinator. See our Contact page. They will work with you as best they can but we cannot guarantee specific bus assignments.

Can I sign up a group or a team from work/church/college or civic group?

We welcome groups but each person must sign up individually - you cannot sign up as a group and individuals will be assigned different buses according to needs of the children.

Can I be with my spouse or other person while chaperoning?

If you are a Chaperone and you want to shop with another person please indicate this request on the “comments” section of the sign up form. All Day Chaperones may not bring friends or family members with them on the bus - only those who have signed up as a chaperone are allowed on the buses. Unfortunately, when you/friends/family sign up, we cannot guarantee you will be riding the same bus. We will try to accommodate requests, however, you will be assigned different buses according to needs of the children.

Can I chaperone a specific child that I know from past years?

No, unfortunately, we have no way to handle requests for one-on-one matches.

I love chaperoning! What else can I do to help?

Contact any Christmas4Kids staff member and let them know you'd like to help! See our Contact page.

I can’t help on this date, what else can I do to help Christmas 4 Kids?

You can also sponsor a child yourself or with a group through Pay Pal, or attend one of our fundraisers like attend our Concert, Golf Tournament, Tour Bus Show or other events. Like and follow Christmas 4 Kids on Facebook and Twitter for information or updates on events. See our Contact page.

I have medical concerns/disabilities, can I still chaperone?

Yes! Each case will need to be reviewed individually to make sure the needs of the child and chaperone are met....Remember that All Day Chaperones must be able to climb stairs to get on/off the bus and you must be able to "control" the children! It's a very long day and a certain amount of stamina is required! See our Contact page.

What sort of security will be at the event?

City and County police/sheriff's office will be present, along with the Sumner County Emergency Management Service.

Will the event be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather?

It is VERY unlikely the event will be canceled due to weather. Our buses are on-site beginning Sunday and we have no way to reschedule as we're nearing Christmas break. In the event schools are closed, we will still plan on picking up the children at the school unless roads are VERY treacherous - our drivers are experienced in inclement weather. Be sure to watch your email for any last-minute changes.

How should I dress for the event?

Please dress in comfortable, appropriate clothing. You'll be on your feet most of the day, so comfortable shoes are a must! Layers are suggested - it may be warm in the Expo Center and Wal-Mart but very cold outside.

How old do I need to be to participate?

You must be 18 years of age to chaperone.

If I sign up to chaperone, can I get a discount on concert tickets?

Discounted tickets are not available.

I’m a nurse and I can help with children with special needs, who do I contact?

Please indicate those skills on your chaperone sign up form.

Will lunch or dinner be provided for chaperones?

No, lunch and dinner will not be provided for chaperones. There are food options available in the area. After the chaperone meeting and before the bus departure, there will be time to eat a quick lunch.

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